Personal Development

At Perryfields Junior School, we endeavour to deliver outstanding Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural (SMSC) provision to all our learners. This provision is threaded through our curriculum to ensure our children embrace both our School Values and British Values. We aim to:

  • ensure pupils’ education at Perryfields Junior School is holistic rather than focussed on purely academic aspects of learning. 
  • provide pupils with a rounded education, including learning how to work and play together, understanding and respecting others’ points of view, respecting and applying rules and understanding why these exist. 
  • prepare pupils to contribute to society and culture throughout their lives and to enable them to participate actively and positively in the life of the school, their local community and wider society. 
  • encourage pupils to value themselves and their unique contributions to their own and others’ lives, and in turn to value and celebrate others and their qualities and abilities.

Spiritual At Perryfields we believe that:

Spiritual development is the ability to reflect on your own and other people’s beliefs and values. It is about the awareness and growth of a sense of identity, belonging, self-worth, meaning and purpose. 

Examples in our school:

  • The RE curriculum which encourages pupils to explore spiritual thinking through their own and others’ beliefs and values, and to develop an awe and wonder for the natural world.
  • The Art curriculum which affords pupils the chance to explore spiritualism and reflect on their feelings and motivations, and respond visually to these.
  • The PSHE curriculum which promotes a spiritual, reflective approach to considering and celebrating difference and diversity between people.
  • The Science curriculum which encompasses pupils’ spiritual development in acquiring a wonder and awe in the natural world.
  • A creative curriculum that constantly evolves and is relative in today’s society
  • Question of the week (to encourage children to think about current issues)
  • Enterprising curriculum
  • Educational visits and visitors to our school
  • Displays
  • Art projects
  • Annual school talent show
  • Pear philosophy
  • Assemblies (focusing on the following themes; diversity; celebrating different religious beliefs and traditions; British values, heritage and traditions; school and British values; awe and wonder; inspirational individuals; stories with a moral meaning)
  • Prayers and reflection time
  • Theme days
  • School Council
  • Play leaders
  • Reading quality texts in literacy lessons.

Moral At Perryfields we believe that:

Moral development is about recognising right from wrong and understanding the consequences of our actions. It is about respecting the rules of others and showing empathy in different situations.

Examples in our school: 

  • The school council and the role of play leader afford children personal investments in the moral codes of the school, and therefore supports their moral development.
  • Positive promotion of behaviour and expectations.
  • PEAR philosophy
  • Class values / rules
  • Behaviour policy
  • Residential trips
  • Sporting events
  • House points
  • Peer role models
  • Literacy – strong texts, drama, debates and discussion

Social At Perryfields we believe that:

Social development includes being able to effectively communicate with a range of individuals and groups in a global society that is constantly changing. It is about learning about our roles as citizens of the UK and the world. 

Examples in our school:

On a daily basis pupils are encouraged to discuss their learning with ‘talk partners’ and work collaboratively in a group.

  • SMART thinking
  • Themed lessons
  • Peer reading
  • Educational visitors and visits
  • School discos
  • Charity events including cake sales that are organised by the children.
  • Year 2 / 3 transition and year 6 / transition.
  • Christmas and summer fair
  • Outdoor learning
  • Sporting activities
  • Extra-Curricular clubs
  • Effective collaboration between infants and junior transisiton

Cultural At Perryfields we believe that:

Cultural development is the development of pupils’ understanding and appreciation of their own and others’ cultures. It includes the understanding and appreciation of artistic, cultural and sporting events.

Examples in our school:

On a daily basis pupils are encouraged to discuss their learning with ‘talk partners’ and work collaboratively in a group. 

  • An RE curriculum where pupils explore their own cultures and beliefs and the cultures and beliefs of others.
  • A creative, thematic curriculum where pupils explore and appreciate British culture and cultural events around the world.
  • Specialist music and PE teachers.
  • A range of musical, artistic and creative performances (such as the year 6 production,Christmas production and annual talent show) provide opportunities for pupils to promote cultural appreciation and reflection of artistic, music and talents.
  • Enterprising curriculum
  • Pupils leading assemblies where they talk about their beliefs and festivals.
  • Displays

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