Vision & Values

Our Vision 

Our Vision for Perryfields Junior School is that through our caring, nurturing ethos and our ever evolving Perryfields Pedagogy, we aim to create aspirational, resilient, lifelong learners who are curious about the wider world and ready for life in an ever changing society. 

Our aim is to build a happy, stimulating environment where children love to learn.  We see all children as individuals with their own talents, personalities and needs. We want them to feel valued and to foster a sense of belonging to the Perryfields family, the local community and to the wider world. We want our children to recognise that our individuality is to be celebrated and to learn about others' beliefs, faiths and families and to share their own. 

Our curriculum  and school ethos are  driven by our values; kindness, excellence, determination, resilience and effort. This fosters a strength of character which enables pupils to succeed in every area of school life- academically, physically, creatively, emotionally, morally, socially and spiritually.



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