Vision & Values

Our Vision 

Our Vision for Perryfields Junior School is to have a happy, stimulating environment where children love to learn. We see all children as individuals with their own talents, personalities and needs. We want them to feel valued and to foster a sense of belonging to the Perryfield’s family, the local community and to the wider world.
We wholeheartedly encourage a successful partnership with home, as we know how positively this can impact on a child’s progress and development. We want parents and carers to be involved in their child’s learning and to feel they know how they can help them achieve their personal best.
We also believe that good teamwork and positive partnerships with individual children, the whole class, with governors, parents and the wider community will lead to effective teaching, high standards and successful learning.
We want Perryfields Junior School pupils to succeed in every area of their life at school - academically, physically, creatively, emotionally, morally, socially and spiritually.
We believe passionately in developing innovative ways to ensure that all children can be high achievers and gain the full range of skills and values necessary to continue their learning journey, on the way to a happy and successful life.