Parent's Views

Summer 2023

I love this school and would recommend it greatly to another parent.

Thank you for encouraging my child, thank you to Miss Riley who is an incredible teacher.

Fantastic school and teachers. They should be proud of the achievements.

Very good school - 5 star!

Teaching staff, support staff, after school care and office staff are a credit to the school. You all come across as a fantastic team and we are very happy with the school. Thank you to you all.

A wonderful, nurturing environment in which children can grow and are encouraged to meet their potential. Thank you. 

Wonderful supportive school, that are so passionate about their children. They do an amazing job! Thank you. 

Thank you for all your hard work. My child is very happy at school and loves all the topics that he's covered so far. 

Our Daughter is extremely happy at Perryfields School. My Husband and I really appreciate all the effort and hard work from an amazing leadership, teachers and LSA team in this school. We cannot thank you enough! 

My child is more than happy at the school and we are delighted with her progress in a well driven school.

Perryfields Junior is an amazing school! Extremely well led with an extremely personable head teacher and reception staff. And for me this is key to how comfortable parents feel about a school their child is in.

I absolutely love this school. I have never had any worries about my children's education, in fact my daughter is now thriving at secondary school and I put that down to a solid start in education. Mrs Hasler seems to be firm but very fair and I love how she knows every single child's name seemingly very hands on. Well done to all the staff and keep up the fantastic work. 

We are very happy and proud to send my son to Perryfield Junior School.

Great school. You are all doing an amazing job! Thank you!