Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset Approach

At Perryfields we are constantly looking to improve the quality of teaching and learning within our school and in September 2015 we introduced the children to the principles of the Growth Mindset. The approach was developed by Carol Dweck of Stanford University. Professor Dweck’s research over decades has identified that whilst some children enjoy challenges and see mistakes as learning opportunities, others are reluctant to take risks with their learning and see mistakes as failure. This leads to a Fixed Mindset attitude and can limit progress and ultimately affect achievement. 
All classes have been encouraged to take a Growth Mindset approach and to develop greater perseverance when faced with challenges in their learning. Teachers have focused on praising effort and resilience and have high expectations of all children. Classroom displays support the children in using the language of a Growth Mindset when reflecting on their learning.
Carol Dweck:
The growth-mindset approach helps children feel good in the short and long terms, by helping them thrive on challenges and setbacks on their way to learning. When they’re stuck, teachers can appreciate their work so far, but add: “Let’s talk about what you’ve tried, and what you can try next.” 

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