Our Curriculum

At Perryfields Junior School, we are committed to ensuring our pupils receive a rich, broad and balanced curriculum that encourages academic success. Our curriculum at Perryfields Junior School follows the statutory requirements set out by the government (The National Curriculum) but is organised and sequenced progressively, aiming to inspire each pupil to achieve their very best and to acquire secure and lifelong learning. Whilst our curriculum offer centres upon the basics of reading, writing and mathematics, which is a focus maintained throughout the school, we balance this with creative, physical and investigative learning for all. We aim to equip our pupils with life-long learning skills, transferable learning skills and a sound knowledge base. We are relentless in our drive for high expectations and quality outcomes across the curriculum; we instil pride, celebrate achievements and nurture aspirations. Our curriculum is inclusive, and we are committed to meeting the needs of all our pupils’ through high quality whole-class interactive teaching, with adaptations or group and individual teaching as appropriate.

In order to achieve these aims, pupils in KS2 are taught a broad and balanced curriculum covering all areas of the national curriculum: - English, Maths, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Physical Education, Music, Art, Design Technology, Religious Education, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education and French as a Modern Foreign Language. Within PSHE, children are taught RSE (Relationships and Sex Education).  Please refer to annual Curriculum Maps for detailed subject matter. Although our curriculum subjects stand alone, we look for opportunities to make meaningful curriculum links – though never at the expense of the individual subject discipline. (Each subject has its own document detailing its particular intent, implementation and impact). Our lessons are implemented under the umbrella of our ‘Perryfields Pedagogy’ so that learning experiences are always of the highest quality for each and every child. The design of our lessons ensures that pupils develop a growth mind-set, aim high, strive to succeed and persist in the face of any setbacks.

Our curriculum also promotes inclusion and diversity. At PJS, we are committed to valuing diversity, tackling discrimination, promoting equality and fostering good relationships between people. We want our pupils to be inspired by the contributions and accomplishments made by others and to have a sense of belonging within the school and the wider community. 

If you wish to find out more about our curriculum, please arrange a time with the school office to discuss this with your child's class teacher.

At Perryfields, we also work incredibly hard to ensure that children participate in a wealth of enrichments to support their personal development and broaden their horizons. Please to see our Enrichment Programme below. 

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