Rowling Class Blog 15/03/24

Date: 15th Mar 2024 @ 3:40pm

This week, we have seen some fantastic effort during assessment week. I want to say a big well done to all of you for your hard work and dedication! I was absolutely blown away by everyone's science projects and presentations on the theme of 'time'. It was clear that you put a lot of thought and effort into your projects, and I was so impressed by the level of creativity and knowledge you displayed. From working models of clocks to informative posters about the history of timekeeping, each and every one of you showcased your understanding of the topic in a unique and engaging way.

In our DT lessons, we have been exploring the idea of seasonal ingredients. I must say, you have all designed some very appealing pizzas! It was great to see how you considered the availability of different ingredients throughout the year and incorporated them into your recipes. From fresh basil and tomatoes in the summer to warming butternut squash and goat's cheese in the autumn, your pizzas truly reflected the changing seasons.

Lastly, in our Science lessons, we have been learning about the life cycles of frogs, ducks, and butterflies. I was so impressed by the knowledge you demonstrated and the level of detail in your diagrams and explanations. It was clear that you had done your research and understood the fascinating transformations these creatures go through as they grow and develop.

Once again, well done to all of you for your amazing efforts this week. It has been such a pleasure to see your enthusiasm and dedication shine through in all of your work. Keep up the great work!

Well done to Adeline for being awarded our Pupil of the Week.

Have a lovely weekend :) 

Mr Robertson