Year 6 Leavers' Views

“I enjoy coming to Perryfields Junior School because I am able to learn and test my knowledge.  My teachers are very kind and have prepared me for secondary school, helping me improve in all subjects.  I have had a lot of fun with my friends as there is no bullying and I feel very safe here.”  (Year 6 -Morpurgo)



“I have had a great time here, I have enjoyed it all.  The school has helped me grow in my learning and myself.”  (Year 6-Pullman)



“The school is great because it is like another home.”



“This school is a very happy school and welcomes new pupils and helps them fit in.  I really like this school and would recommend this to parents/carers/pupils.”



“Please make all schools fun and educational, based on this school.”



“Perryfields has helped me mature into a young adult and to be the best I can be.”