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Year 3 at Sandford Mill

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On the 10th March 2016, Fine and King-Smith visited Sandford Mill for a Science and Geography enrichment day. The children enjoyed an exciting tour of the Chelmer Navigation. They began learning about river formation and watched a fantastic interactive model of how rivers find their path of least resistance. They observed the variation in river flow around a meander by seeing which ‘Pooh Stick’ travelled faster; they discussed where in the river they would expect to find deposition. The children were fascinated by the lock and enjoyed seeing the canal boats along the river. The Sandford Mill staff explained how goods were moved to and from the coast using barges along the canals.


The second part of the day was devoted to friction. The children took part in many hands on investigations relating to friction. The children learnt about the role friction plays in bicycle brakes, cartwheels, keeping us from slipping on the ground, making fire and the movement of vehicles. Finally, to bring all of their new learning together, the children were challenged to make a paper aeroplane using a cardboard tube and paper. The planes were connected to a machine that flew the planes and we timed them to see which plan produced the least friction and therefore flew faster.


We would like to say a big thank you to the teachers at Sandford Mill, parent volunteers and PJS staff for making the day an enjoyable experience. But the biggest thank you goes to the wonderful children of Perryfields Junior School who were incredible ambassadors for our school.



Year 3 at Sandford Mill