Marshmallow and spaghetti structures

Week 2 Science club

This week we were looking at the structure of tall buildings from all around the world! We questioned what it was that helped these structures hold their form whilst, for many of them, holding the mass of many people too. We had great fun constructing our towers made solely from marshmallow and spaghetti. The group that managed to build the tallest structure which held a tennis ball for over 30seconds was Max Taylor, Harrison Webb, Adam Civas and Adam Povah. These boys managed to build a structure that was over 30cm in height – Well done! Great team work!
















Pinhole Cameras

Week 3 Science club

This week was all about sight and how we see. We had a good discussion about how light travels and our eyes. This conversation led us to create pinhole cameras using Pringles tins. Pinhole cameras mimic the eye in the process of seeing, allowing us to see the image upside down. Luckily in reality, our brains turn the image that we see up the right way otherwise our world would be upside down!

We were extremely pleased with how our pinhole cameras turned out!