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School Council

Our School Council is a group of students who have been elected by their classmates for one year to represent the views of all pupils to improve our school. They go to school council meetings and take part in discussions, take the views of their classmates to the School Council and get involved in projects that the School Council run, they have regular meetings school leadership team.


School Councillors

My class chose me to be a school councillor because I play with anyone when they are sad so they know that I care about others. I like being a councillor because I can share my class’s ideas with school council.

Imogen Clow Year 3


School Council is good at lots of things! We take people’s ideas from the classroom and work on them in our meetings. We are great at raising money for charity and planning new and exciting things.

Dylan Clarke Year 3


We enjoy being school councillors because we can take in the best ideas and try to bring them to life.  We have a big responsibility representing the class.  We help to raise money ofr our school to try and make the school a better place for the students

Holly Farmer and Harvey Farmer Year 4


Me and Jake work well together as our class councillors as I am a good speaker and he is a good listener.  We take the role very seriously. I enjoy being a councillor because I like helping people and helping our school to get better and better.

Sophie Gosden Year 5


I enjoy being a school councillor because I am the person who speaks for our class.  If they would like something to be improved or something new then I talk to all the School Council about it

Beth Aneke Year 6


As part of our duties for the school council we raised money to buy equipment for the whole school to use at lunch time. We vote in class to see what equipment the children want and we share our ideas at council meetings. Lunch times are fun because of the equipment we have bought.

Jacob Gray Year 6

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