River Chelmer Field Trip

Geography Spring Term Year 3 (2015)

'River Chelmer Field Trip'

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It has been a very exciting term in Year 3 for Geography. We started our project by thinking about how the River Nile is similar and different to the River Chelmer. First of all we needed to learn some


key words relating to rivers and the children wrote definitions to be included on our display board. We then looked at the River Chelmer on digi-maps (online ordnance survey maps), and followed the river from its source to its mouth, making note of the tributaries.


Our next step was to help the Environment Agency by writing a detailed report on a section of the River Chelmer close to our school. This involved looking at maps of the section of the river and going on a field study trip where we looked at various aspects of the river including the wildlife, the river users, water safety features, the location of built features, such as traffic bridges and footbridges, and also where drains joined the river. Before we left we discussed water safety and explored some water safety websites on the internet where we learnt how to safely work near water. We also looked at features of the river such as the meander and the speed and flow of the water. On the bridge we played pooh sticks to judge the water speed and we took depth and width measurements. We looked at the proximity of the housing and for any evidence of recent flooding.


When we were back at school we compared the depth of the river where we took the measurement to the depth on the Environment Agency’s website. Finally, we were ready to start to prepare our reports. We began by working in groups to prepare an oral presentation on one particular feature, using our notes from our field study trip, and we finished by writing our own reports which give a detailed picture of the section of the River Chelmer near to our school. For the next part of our project we will be looking at the River Nile and finally we will be comparing the two rivers.