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Pupil Premium Strategy  2016-17 (September 2016)


Pupil Premium Grant : £39439


Barriers to Future Attainment


• Lack of foundational skills and knowledge

• Lack of confidence in beginning a task

• Inability to lead own learning

• Low self -esteem

• Lack of opportunities to widen cultural experiences

• Home/school relationships


Provision: Pupil Premium Passports are a top priority for all teaching staff enabling rigorous tracking of the following:


• Progress in foundation learning

• Gaps in learning

• Social and emotional well-being

• Resilience

• Cultural experience and understanding

• Reading experiences


The headings below demonstrate how we are using pupil premium to improve classroom pedagogy, provide targeted support and support whole school strategies




• Release time for Achievement Boards which track progress of disadvantaged pupils termly, identify barriers to learning and cascade good practise.

• Weekly teacher release time to provide 1–1 or 1-2 tutoring in foundational skills

• Focus on engaging reluctant readers with high quality texts to enthuse  and engage- extended through reading groups

• One to One tuition

• In-house Speech and Language provision with qualified teacher

• Learning Support Assistants –at least 1 in each class all morning deployed to support early interventions

• Purchase of targeted  reading books to engage readers

• Staff Training /CPD


Relationships and Resilience


• Dedicated release time of Deputy Headteacher and Senco to talk to all pupil premium pupils reflectively about their learning. Aim is to provide high quality feedback and transfer ownership of learning to the pupils and develop independent learners.

•  Funding of a school counsellor

• Learning Mentor for 1:1 building self- esteem sessions

• Educational Psychologist Provision

• Social skills groups

• Range of free after school clubs run by class teachers and learning support assistants

• HT/DHT to relentlessly ring/speak to parents to celebrate pupils achievements





• Enrichment of the Curriculum through themed days to improve pupil engagement with school

• Subsidies for visits/trips/swimming/paid clubs

• Pupil Premium and FSM children are given priority places in after-school clubs and fees are paid, where appropriate.

• Peripatetic music lessons are free for disadvantaged children.

• Opportunities for leadership through house system

• Pupil premium children are invited to join newspaper group run by Deputy Headteacher, allowing for more able children to explore literacy skills, ICT skills and current affairs.

• Enrichment day activities are planned termly for key areas of Literacy, Maths, Science, ICT – run by subject leaders these days are run for identified groups of children from years 4 and 5 to explore and enrich curriculum links and to encourage aspirations and self-esteem. Able pupil premium children are considered first for all of these activities.


Measuring impact


• Attainment and progress-measured termly

• Attendance-monitored half termly

• Engagement with learning-review of ‘pupil premium passports’ with teaching staff

• Engagement with extra-curricular activities-attendance data

• Improved resilience through growth mindset-half termly pupil conferences with named mentors



Review date-01/09/2017






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