Maths Club Challenge

Level 6 maths club is held on Wednesday lunchtimes. The aim of the club is to continue to prepare the children for level 6 maths assessments and also to select a team of 4 for the fourth-coming Essex Schools Maths competition that will take place later in the term.

The club is fun and challenging and the aim is to encourage collaboration and teamwork in a mathematical setting

2015 Primary Maths Challenge

Two children have made it to the bonus round of the Primary Maths Challenge which will take place on Wednesday 4th February. The Primary Maths Challenge is a national maths competition - It is aimed at the top 60% of pupils in Years 5 and 6 England and Wales,. Over 79 000 pupils in 2035 schools entered the PMC this year. Only 1184 of the pupils entered scored 21 or more so we are very proud to have two children through to the next round.

Essex Maths Competition

The Essex Maths Competition is a regional maths competition that takes place in the Spring and Summer term. Schools across Essex compete against each other in teams of 4 solving a range of challenging mathematical problems and puzzles. Round 2 will be taking place on 18th March and is being held at Westlands Community School.