The Role of the Governing Body

Perryfields Junior School Governors are the strategic leaders of the school. Our priority is to make sure every child gets the best possible education while they are with us.



• Ensure the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of Perryfields Junior School

• Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils

• Oversee the financial performance of the school and ensure its money is well spent. We carefully monitor how Sports Premium money is allocated.

We regularly review data to monitor spending of the Pupil Premium to ensure that Free School Meal children achieve as well as the Non-Free School Meal Children


Our Governing body works closely with the Headteacher to set the school’s strategic framework and make sure the framework meets all of its statutory duties. We are responsible for ensuring that school has a long-term strategic vision which, the Headteacher, staff and Governors are clearly aware of. We work together to make sure the vision is effectively improving the standards in teaching and learning. Our governing body agrees the strategic priorities, aims and objectives for the school. We regularly carry out Policy reviews and constantly refer to our ‘School Improvement Plan’ to make sure targets and objectives are being met throughout the school academic year.



What are we and who are we?

A Governor is not an inspector and does not assess the quality of teaching in the school. We do however review the staff ‘Performance Management’ system to check that clear goals, mentoring and Continual Professional Development (CPD) are in place to support every staff member to grow in their effectiveness and confidence. A Governor is not a school manager and we do not participate in the day-to-day running of the school. This is the responsibility of the Headteacher and the management team the Headteacher leads.


A Governor is an appointed volunteer who wants to support the school. We do this through regular meetings and school visits. We also commit to regular training provided locally which keeps us updated with changes to policies, regulations and the understanding of school governance. It is very important that a Governor knows their school if accountability is going to be robust and their vision for the school achieved. Our Governors regularly visit the school on monitoring visits or to help support staff on school trips. Visits are primarily made during the school day, which are pre-arranged with the Headteacher. By visiting the school we can find out more about the school and monitor the effectiveness of the strategies in place to improve standards of teaching and learning. Our Governors also take part in assemblies and volunteer in various ways to help support the school.


Any Governing Body consists of members made up from four categories determined by Government Policy and regulations. The categories are:

• Local Authority Governors

• Staff Governor

• Co-Opted Governors

• Parent Governors

Local Authority Governors

A Local Authority Governor is appointed by Essex County Council after an application and selection process. They are selected for their relevant experience, skills, knowledge and commitment to the school.

Our Local Authority Governors are:


Staff Governors

A Staff Governor is a member of the school staff who provides a valuable communication link between the Governing Body and the staff.

Our Staff Governors are:


Co-opted Governors

A Co-Opted Governor is one who through their work (paid or voluntary) shows a commitment to the local community and wants to support the achievements of the school and children.

Our Co-opted Governors are:


Parent Governors

A Parent Governor must have at least one child in the school, be a grandparent of a child currently attending the school or a parent that has a child of school age who previously attended the school. The Parent Governors provide an very important link between the Governing Body and the parents.


Our Parent Governors are: