Enterprising Curriculum 2015-16

At Perryfields Primary School we place great importance in enterprise education and believe it to be an essential part of lifelong learning. The school works extremely hard to encourage a spirit of initiative and creativity in all our pupils. Our enterprising approach towards topic work provides our children with the opportunity to develop resourceful attitudes and skills across the whole curriculum whilst experiencing and developing an understanding of the world of work. We aim to build and nurture the concept of enterprise throughout the school in order to equip children with the skills, understanding, confidence and creativity needed for their future working lives.


Enterprise is embedded into most of the topics in every year group. Pupils at Perryfields Junior School are inspired to develop their creative and innovative thinking in the context of real life enterprise and social enterprise. They use thinking and learning skills to undertake Learning Challenges that allow them to experience opportunities take risks and make decisions – all of which will help them in their future lives.


Throughout the year all our year groups undertake topics that contain an Enterprise or Social Enterprise element. This requires pupils to work collaboratively to develop and plan the following activities


• Community Enterprise – linked to People (and doing good for people)

• Environmental Enterprise – linked to Planet (and doing good for the planet)

• Business Enterprise – all about Profit

• Social Enterprise – that equally considers all of these aspects.


We are committed to making our children’s learning as real as possible so that they are fully engaged and inspired by the topics they are studying.



Year 3 Enterprise      Day

Year 5 Anglo Saxon  Day