Our House System

At Perryfields Junior School, we encourage children to support, work and have fun with their peers from other classes as well as foster a healthy attitude towards competition. This is exemplified by our renewed and reinvigorated reward and house system.


We have renamed our school Houses to celebrate famous scientists ; DARWIN (Green), FLEMING (Yellow), ANNING (Blue) and HAWKING (Red). Each house will elect representatives to form a house committee which will consist of the following: Year 6 House Captains/Good will leader, Year 6 Sports Leaders, Year 6 Arts Leaders and Junior Representatives from year 4 and 3. The House Captains responsibilities are: to lead their house in house competitions, to set an example to the other children, to earn house points and encourage others to do so and to represent the house when collecting awards.


Students have all been issued with individual ‘passports to success’ which will record the credits they receive in the categories of; determination and resilience, creative homework, good manners, good will and being a good role model, making a positive contribution to school life and working effectively in a team. They will be awarded with Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates at the end of every half-term in a special celebration assembly and the points they earn will also contribute to our renewed House system.


This system aims to encourage a real sense of pride and achievement for the children. It fosters community spirit and gives the children an opportunity to contribute to something bigger, which involves children from all year groups, whilst the older children are positive role models and take on a pastoral role for younger children.


We are looking forward to embedding our House Team systems this year, through house fundraising events, performance poetry competitions, singing competitions and sports day in July and are confident that it will become a central element of school life at Perryfields Junior School.


View our election video below: