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Discovering Democracy

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Sandwiched between our work on the Magna Carta and Shakespeare Week, PJS enjoyed a thought provoking Discovering Democracy Day on Thursday 19th March.


Spring Board East, who have been commissioned by the Education Outreach Department at Parliament  researched, wrote and performed  a 50 minute performance piece on the history of democracy for years 3-6. This fast moving piece used only 2 actors to cover a thousand years of history charting the struggle of men and women for the vote. The piece was accompanied by animation and multimedia by Matt Reeve and included original poetry written by John Simpson-Wedge.


The performance was followed by two interactive workshops. The first looked at the campaign to improve the lot of children working in Victorian Britain. In the 2nd workshop the children met a suffragette and are enrolled in the Votes For Women campaign!

This was an exciting day which inspired all our children to think about British values and what life in modern Britain might be like if we did not live in a democratic society