Outdoor Learning

An Alien has Landed!


Year 5 became incredibly excited today on their arrival to school after being told that something unexpected had been found in the swimming pool area…


Groups took it in turns to walk around the deserted pool and hunt for

any clues that may suggest what the unexpected items were and how they got there.


Children found; a large wet piece of material draped over the edge of the pool, two screws, metallic splodges of a silver substance on the floor, a hole in the fence and a small letter ‘N’ which looked as if to be torn from a sign.


They rapidly began to draw conclusions about what may have taken place and excitedly asked and answered a number of questions amongst themselves – it was fantastic to see them so animated and enthused during discussion!


The children came up with a number of theories to explain the objects and then we shared a ‘log’ left by an alien who had actually crash landed in our pool and was completely confused by his surroundings! He thought that our pool was a small sea and the markings on our playground were landing markings for us to land spaceships!


It is now the job of year 5 to write an explanation text to explain to the alien what our school is all about and what happens here. We can’t wait to read them – watch this space!!



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