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Able and Talented

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The able and talented cohort is made up of pupils who are currently excelling in curricula subject areas from Year 3 to Year 6.


Pupils who are particularly good or outstanding in the core and foundation subjects, sports, music and art are part of the able and talented group. As part of our provision, these children are given the opportunity to attend special events outside of Perryfields Junior School and will also be given specific topics to complete in school.


Our talented musicians join Boswells Secondary school for a Music Master class and perform in The Boswells Theatre in the autumn and summer terms.


Our Year 5 able mathematicians attend after school maths master classes at King Edward VI Grammar School.


Our Year 5 able and talented girls regularly participate in a plethora of inter- school workshops run by The County High School for Girls. The Enrichment Days focus on maths, languages, music, sport and science.

A group of intrepid scientists from Year 4 and 5 attended a science day at CCHS on Friday 10th July 2015 at which they learnt all about laboratory saftey and carried out chemical tests under the guidance of the science department staff at CCHS. The day was a great success and the girls really enjoyed the opportunity to carry out chemical reactions. Hopefully the day has inspired them to pursue science at secondary school and beyond.

Maths Winners!


Wow! Congratulations to our maths team, ‘Perryfields Team Genius’ who were awarded Best Team at the maths challenge day held at Chelmsford County High this week. This is a superb achievement for Anjali,Warda, Mannon, Abigail and Jahnvi! We are very proud of you!