Recommended reading

Reading at Perryfields

When children start at Perryfields Junior School, we endeavour to strengthen the positive experiences that they have already had, at home and at infant school, by immersing them in the amazing world of great quality children’s literature. We have a variety of Reading Scheme Books, which support phonics teaching and build a secure sight vocabulary. In Year 3, the children will read their books at school to an adult every week and this forms part of the assessment process. For those children who experience difficulties, an intervention of daily reading will be set up. As children become more confident readers, books will become more challenging to ensure progress is rapid. We encourage children to develop a life-long love of books and reading. Being a successful reader underpins all areas of learning so the children are expected to read in all lessons. Our home-school agreement outlines the expectation that children will also read every night at home. This partnership is integral when supporting children with reading. We have a well-stocked library, which is audited and maintained regularly, that the children enjoying visiting weekly, choosing a book to take home to share.


Reading Carousel

During 9 and 9:30am, we have our reading carousel. This is made up of one spelling session per week which is based on the scheme Rising Stars. The scheme embraces the knowledge of spelling conventions such as the patterns and rules but also places great emphasis on the learning of statutory words, common exceptions and personal spellings. Children who experience difficulty with spelling will take part in a personalised spelling programme where they will focus on learning high frequency words.


The remaining reading carousel sessions see children completing a read and speed write activity (pre-learning), a teacher led comprehension or an independent comprehension. The comprehensions are carefully chosen and challenging. The sessions involve discussion and questioning whilst the teacher hears the children read aloud, followed by children answering a set of varied questions.


Once a week, we have a reading comprehension lesson. These sessions are whole class comprehensions and usually linked to our writing topics where possible. They are teacher/discussion led. We read the text together, questioning and discussing as we read and then answer questions as a class – involving all children by differentiating questions appropriately and sharing model answers.




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